Automatic bagging line at the mixer outlet in an agrifood plant in the bread improvers sector

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Optimisation of the powder circuit is always a cost-effective exercise provided your process is considered in its entirety. Every day, the simple and reliable solutions we offer prove their worth in terms of hygiene, operator safety, productivity and flexibility.

Studying and boosting your production lines

Choosing APIA Technologie for your powder transfer and dosing projects means:

  • Receiving advice from agri-food specialists who deliver their operational expertise in every sector of the food industry
  • Being supported by the international pioneer in conveying by flexible mechanical auger
  • Enjoying the benefit of a knowledge base of hundreds of powders, ingredients and dry products used over a 30-year period in all types of environment.



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APIA Technologie on the international stage

A pioneer in the development of food-grade powder transfer, APIA Technologie was naturally first established in Brittany, home to the leading food industry operators, but quickly established a presence across France.

Starting in 1998, the company expanded its food powder transfer activity into Europe. Today, APIA Technologie installations are in use all over the world, including on the continents of Africa and America.