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T11 transfer auger with de-bridger

Transferring non-free-flowing powders

T12 transfer auger with distributor

Transferring powders with fluctuating flow

T14 transfer auger

Transferring free-flowing powders

T51 dosing auger with de-bridger

Distributing non-free-flowing powders

T54 dosing auger

Distributing free-flowing powders


Preparing intermediate batches and stocks with or without weighing

Type T, type V and type C big bag stations

Emptying big bags of powders having free to fluctuating flows

Type T and type V bag emptying hoppers

Emptying bags of free-flowing to non-free-flowing powders

Hood with filter or for remote filter

Emptying bags of volatile powders

Mobile bag emptier with mobile feeder transfer auger

Emptying bags of free-flowing powders

Contained weigher bagger

Automating powder weighing and bagging

Mobile weigher bagger

Automating powder weighing and bagging

Emptying and quick release of transfer augers

Facilitating and making safe the release of powder transfer equipment

Pipes and valves

Making up the gravity downpipe powder network

Connection sleeves

Securing the connections between the powder transfer network and the machines

Hygienic wall boots

Hygienic management of wall boots

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5 reasons to choose Transitube® technology

Our technology is based on the Transitube® system which is made up of a reinforced stainless-steel coil rotating inside a conveyor tube. The coil rotation speed creates a ring of material which moves inside the tube in an air-free, dust-free environment, protected from external contamination and without being subject to particle segregation or reduction in particle size.

Flexible auger technology
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Food powder equipment for transferring and dosing powders with an APIA Technologie production line

APIA Technologie undertakes not only to improve the safety and productivity of your food manufacturing workshops, but also to optimise your operators’ day-to-day working environment and the quality of your output. Our technical solutions are sound and logical, and designed with your needs in mind. Multiple direct and indirect savings: low operating costs, energy savings, supply optimisation, more

space, operators freed from repetitive tasks, fewer material and finished product losses, reduced downtime. Our technical and sales teams are in daily contact with the realities of your activity and with the requirements for food applications. Our installations are always scalable so as to minimise the cost of future extensions.