What are your needs?

Feeding a big bag

Optimising your production flows by eliminating bottlenecks.

Feeding buffer hoppers and silos

Optimising production flows by preparing recipes as a background task.

Filling a weighed hopper

Rationalising production flows by preparing recipes as a background task.

Feeding a packaging machine

Automating the filling of your packaging machine.

Feeding a bagger

Automating the feeding of your bagger.

Feeding a dilution tank

Automating the filling of your dilution tank.

Feeding a dosing machine

Automating the filling of dosing machines in a drive for enhanced performance.

Feeding a powder mixer

Automating the filling of your powder mixers.

Feeding a powder/liquid mixer

Automating the filling of your powder/liquid mixer

Feeding a sieve

Automating and optimising the use of your sieve.

Emptying a big bag

Automating and making safe emptying operations and the redistribution of powders downstream.

Emptying bags

Improving the working conditions of your operators tasked with unbagging.

Emptying silos

Automating silo pick up, even over very long distances.

Extracting under buffer hoppers

Automating pick up under a buffer hopper in a drive for industrial efficiency.

Extracting with a mixer

Achieving automated and instantaneous pick up for transfer to the subsequent part of the process.

Extracting under a sieve

Automating the conveying of powders downstream from the sieving operation.

Pick up with an auger conveyor

Upscaling or extending an existing process.


Since 1993, Apia Technologies has been innovating for every sector of the food industry

We have designed, manufactured and commissioned thousands of installations in hundreds of agri-food production plants, to carry dozens of different ingredients. APIA Technologies relies on this unique practical experience to bring you responses that are tailored to the specific characteristics of your sector.

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Partners in your long-term development

Installation of an industrial production line in a food factory

In choosing Apia Technologie, you are opting for bespoke support before, during and after the bringing on-stream of your new installation. From the design of your transfer and dosing solution to the monitoring of your installation, our technical and sales team and our project managers are on hand to provide advice and support. At every stage of your project, a dedicated contact analyses your needs and guarantees a reliable, personalised and highly efficient industrial solution.

We deliver the benefit of our process-focused vision and our network of partners. We guarantee the performances of the turnkey lines we deliver to you. Thanks to our experience in the field, our ambition is to be an ally for your success over the long term. In addition to your immediate need, our sales and technical teams anticipate your future needs and are able to make proactive proposals to support your growth.