Our field of play

Do just one thing and do it well. APIA Technologie is the expert in powder processes for the food industry, and the flexible mechanical feeder specialist. This gives us unique know-how in this field.

Transfer and dosing by flexible mechanical auger conveyor

The principle behind the Transitube® flexible auger conveyor is a versatile, simple, cost-effective, environmentally responsible and hygienic transfer technology. Powders and ingredients are conveyed at atmospheric pressure, protected from the air and external sources of contamination, without being subject to particle segregation or reduction in particle size. APIA Technologie constantly develops and improves its conveying and dosing technology.

Network of multiple transfer and dosing augers, using flexible mechanical auger technology, in an agri-food factory

Exclusively for the food industry

Our sales personnel and project managers are experts in all food processing sectors: biscuit products, bakery, confectionery, dairy products, ready meals, drinks, flavourings and many more besides. They are familiar with the standards applicable to them, their vocabulary and uses, and also with the issues specific to your business. They have interfaced hundreds of machines with our powder transfer networks: mixers, dispersers, syrupers, grinders, kneaders, sprinklers, sieves, dilution tanks, extruders, packaging machines, conches, mogul lines, churns.

Montage of numerous finished agricultural products, illustrative of the confectionery, sugar, pastries and cheese-making sectors.

Focus on the process end-to-end, from storage through to the finished product

Over and above the simple conveying of food powders, APIA Technologie offers expert competence at every stage in the flow of dry products. Choice of type of storage, workshop organisation, dosing methods, continuous production or batch preparation. Our knowledge base is unique as it is built on thousands of projects delivered exclusively in food environments. We also have a library of hundreds of certified powders.

Our know-how
Samples of food-grade dry products, powders and ingredients in jars

Food expertise

Our manufactured products fall within the scope of various standards and directives. They are designed, first, to protect the health and safety of workers and, second, to meet the requirements of compatibility with foodstuffs.

Hygienic design

A corporate member of the EHEDG, we never compromise on the food-grade quality of our equipment. All our installations meet all the hygiene standards laid down by the inspection bodies, allowing you to certify your food processing workshop.

APIA Technologie incorporates the principles of hygienic design (disassembly, cleanability and limitation of product entrapment areas) into all its solutions. All materials and components used are guaranteed for food usage. Compliant with EC Regulation 1935/2004, they undergo an in-depth incoming inspection upon arrival. We are able to provide you with the food contact certificate for all our equipment.

Zoom image of an anti-retention support frame profile illustrating the hygienic design of APIA Technologie’s installations for the food industry

ATEX certification

The intention of the ATEX Directive is to clear equipment for use in explosive atmospheres without uncontrolled risks. Within this often poorly understood regulatory framework, APIA Technologie provides its ATEX expertise and offers the only transfer solution on the market to be certified by an external body. The marketing authorisation for the transfer and dosing equipment in the Transitube® range for Explosive Atmospheres goes back to 2007.

Our equipment is classified as Category 1 (Zone 20 interior, the most stringent). This certification is backed by a strict quality assurance system, with a twice-yearly inspection by the notified body, INERIS. Finally, the APIA Technologie teams receive regular training on this subject and have had an in-company ATEX coordinator at their disposal for consultation since 2007.

APIA Technologie expert conducting an electrical continuity test as part of an ATEX safety audit
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Our method

Your project from A to Z

Pictogram of needs analysis in the process of a project led by APIA Technologie at its agri-food customers’ facilities
Consulting and engineering

Meeting your needs and addressing your challenges

  • Objectives, site audit, study of drawings
  • Analysis of powders, laboratory testing, full-scale tests
  • Process recommendation, diagram, budget
Pictogram of end-to-end services within the context of the delivery by APIA Technologie of a turnkey installation at its agri-food customers’ facilities
Project management

Delivering a turnkey installation

  • Design, layout, functional analysis
  • Manufacture and build
  • Assembly, commissioning
Pictogram of optimisation of the powder transfer process within the context of installation monitoring by APIA Technologie at its food sector customers’ facilities
Long-term commitment

Optimising your powder process

  • Guarantee, technical documentation, annual monitoring
  • After-sales service, training, spare parts
  • Audit, recommendations

Our solutions and products

APIA Technologie relies on powder handling and processing solutions that are both simple and efficient. Our installations are robust and scalable. Their operation is cost-effective and eco-responsible.

Stylised 3D view of some examples of powder handling equipment in the APIA Technologie food range.

For efficient production lines

Apia Technologie is the expert in Transitube® technology. All our equipment is designed for bespoke integration into your existing plant.

Our products
Schematic diagrams of the standard layout of an industrial process supplying ingredient powders to a food production chain

For optimised and profitable processes

Our series of recommendations on the organisation of your food production is informed by thousands of installations supplied and installed by APIA Technologie.

Our solutions
Scope of intervention

APIA Technologie on the international stage

A pioneer in the development of food powder transfer, APIA Technologie was naturally first established in Brittany, home to the leading food industry operators, but quickly established a presence across France.

Starting in 1998, the company expanded its food-grade powder transfer activity into Europe. Today, APIA Technologie installations are in use all over the world, including on the continents of Africa and America.